Storyline Media Promotions video services employs technology to tell stories in engaging new ways.

If a picture is worth a thousand words . . . then a video is worth a thousand pictures!

TV has traditionally provided push technology opportunities where companies offer video promotions to a broad audience hoping that they reach a certain percentage of the viewing audience.  Traditionally this reach has been around 2-5% based on the law of large numbers: if enough people see it, you are bound to reach a minimally acceptable level.  This can be an expensive way to reach your audience.


Today, the web offers pull technologies where the consumer sets out to find the information they are seeking.  This provides a much greater focus of customers, even though the audience size is much smaller.  The concept is that your conversions (turning a potential customer into an actual customer in this case) will have a larger percentage of success based on this focused approach.  We can help you use this new approach in the development of online commercials and web site promotions with our Storyline Media Promotions video services.  Keep in mind, we can still develop commercials for television if needed.  We just think a great number of businesses are not maximizing the opportunities provided by online video.  And now, partnering with Storyline, you can take advantage of this opportunity at an affordable rate.


our advantages


With over 20 years of experience in marketing and ebusiness technology, we have the knowledge, creativity and solutions experience to help make your goals possible. And we custom tailor our plan to your unique needs.


This doesn't mean we are cheap by any means - we have experience and we believe we should be compensated fairly. However, with very little overhead expenses, we are able to pass the discount on to you.


As a network of freelance professionals, we are still committed to success after 20 years. We continue to service our established clients as though they are new clients because we form lasting partnerships.


I do not even know what to say! You guys are amazing. The videos are unbelievable! I am in shock and am SO happy! Fantastic job and thank you so, so much! Professional 100%

Beth Eastlack
Morton & Furbish Rental Agency

Your work is great and the video is amazing. We were so excited when we saw the final product. What a worthwhile investment! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Valerie Kane
Rental Property Owner